In the spirit of the social media generation, here is more about me in list form:


  • Courtney’s cooking (especially gourmet Italian and special desserts)
  • Pretty much anything with my little girls (reading, gymnastics, playground, doing their hair)
  • Seahawks
  • Getting ice cream with Courtney
  • Playing with our three rambunctious (and sometimes ornery) dogs: Louis, Franklin, and Mortimer
  • Blues guitar (mostly electric)
  • Forensic investigation – CSI style
  • My 12 power saws and 3 power drills, because… power tools!
  • Scuba diving – including in Puget Sound (yes it’s cold)
  • Almost all other water activities, except windsurfing, which I’m terrible at
  • Electric guitar pedals
  • Learning how to build and repair stuff (thank you YouTube)
  • Almost anything with whipped cream
  • Mariners, sometimes


  • Mariners, more often than not
  • Pretentiousness
  • Nonsense legal arguments (you know who you are)
  • Grooming our dogs
  • Dancing, much to Courtney’s disappointment

Other things:

I am a PADI certified Divemaster with specialty certifications in Equipment and Wreck Diving, and have logged more than 150 open water dives.   To obtain the Wreck certification, I went diving inside a sunken warship in Canada, 120 feet deep and in 38-degree water.  The sand and silt inside the halls of the ship get stirred up by currents and other divers, so diving deep into the caverns of a large ship requires a reel line tethered to the outside, such that even if you can’t see your hands in front of your face, you can feel your way to the outside.  During tropical dives, I have been circled and closely inspected by a group of hammerhead sharks, and swarmed by seals.  Suffice it to say, the courtroom is not a scary place.

Although it was not necessary for my degree, in college I took two romance languages (Spanish and French), and got A-pluses in every class.  Having not perfected either one and then gone to law school, I’m now trying to regain my Spanish to better assist and communicate with clients in our community.

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