Pocket amp to keep the peace

Do you know how often sleeping kids love hearing electric guitar?  Pretty much never.  I used to have a headphone amp device that made for so-so sound and looked like a walkman on steroids and probably cost $150.  Who knew you could get nearly full amp sound with effects in the size of a pack of gum and for the cost of cheap toaster?  Now nobody has to hear how rusty I am.


Many Mumbling Mice…

If you’re familiar with the alliterative ABC Dr. Seuss book, you know what the title of this post refers to.  Unfortunately, the mice at issue were not making midnight music in the moonlight, but in our attic.  The pest control guy said they had accessed the attic from tree branches touching our house.

Previously, Courtney had forbidden me from going up on the roof after she caught me pressure washing the chimney in flip flops (it was hot that day).  However, with proper footwear and critters scurrying about in our attic, the widow-benefit analysis was much more favorable this time.  So I got to go up on the roof with my pole saw.  If only cleaning up the branches were as fun.

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